Effective Writing

What is Good Writing!
  1.  Good writing communicates the ideas clearly and effectively.
  2.  Good writing is elegant and stylish (Happens in revision, polished during editing).
What makes a Good Writer!
  1. Write about something of your passion.
  2. Logical Thinking.
  3. A few simple, learnable rules of style (some basic tools).
  4. Good writing is a skill, can be learned.
  5. Have some imagination.
  6. Read a lot (everything, every genre, professional writing, pay attention to the style of writing).
  7. Write in a journal every day, regularly.
  8. Write to engage your readers, not to bore them.
  9. Say something new and exciting.
  10. Stop waiting for ‘inspiration’..start writing.
  11. Writing is hard even for professional writers…so just start writing.
  12. Revise. Nobody gets is perfect on the first draft…get it done on paper.
  13. Learn how to cut ruthlessly. Never become too attached to your own words.
  14. Cut the clutter.
  15. Sentences should be enjoyable and easy to read.
  16. Take risks in your writing, come out of the box, have your own voice in writing. (Be funny and provocative in your writing, it’s fine).
  17. Use active voice (subject+verb+object) 
  18. Write with verbs: use strong verbs, avoid turning verbs into nouns, and don’t bury the main verb.
What not to do!
  1. Don’t make complicated, long sentences. 
  2. Don’t make sentences obscure.
  3. Don’t use spunky verbs.
  4. Complex ideas don’t require complex language. 
  5. Scientific writing should be easy and enjoyable to read.
  6. Don’t use acronyms except for the standard ones.
  7. Cut unnecessary phrases and words, learn to part with your words.


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