‘In the Land of White Orchids’- A Day Trip across Kurseong & Darjeeling – Part II

My visit to the Dow Hills has been enlightening in a way. Before starting of the day, I had no idea of what to expect. I got dropped from the shared van and I started hiking..and what a beautiful hike it was.The pine trees among the thick jungle and the incessant and continuous screeching sounds of the insects and flies made for some ambience. I was getting immersed in every moment. Some kids , school goers, also hiked along and they were up to some Sunday morning picnic. It was just beautiful to see.

Saw a little girl, reading a book lying on the Hill bed just next to her house, with Kanchenjunga in her background. This scene itself was worth the hike..I was thinking in mind..and smile in my face.

I walked further to the deer park and was told there is an arbitrom, with rare plants and a park. I walked up the stairs and confronted with a lake where I could spot the water. In no time, I could see the clouds coming above it and also approaching the side I was in. It was a sight to behold.





I stayed there for a while and contemplated on the nature at its purest form. I walked back and while I was coming back, I saw this house with a big gate. Thought it was someone’s Bunglow. I got it and the security guy approached me. He said what was I looking for. I asked him if it was any hotel/homestay.
To my surprise, I was told this was Dow School Junior for Girls. I saw couple of teachers as well later. I heard from him the other schools of Victoria and Dow School- Senior. I walked down the hill further and came back to the junction once again from where I started.
Then again, I had to hike up to reach Victoria School.

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