In search of the ‘Chandrataal’- The Moon Lake in Spiti Valley – Part 2

This Part 2 of the continuing blog, the preparation of the trip, the basic to-do’s and as the nature decides for you sometimes, the surprise twist in the tale has been written. To read Part 1 of this Blog, Click Here.  So been writing these small notes to keep up with the fitness goals and plans during the preparations of the trek.

19 May 1645 hours : Took a walk for 3+ km in 30 mins. Downloaded the FITBIT app and started walking. Planning for the Hampta Pass, have to sent fitness goal of 5 km in 30 min.

20 May 0810 am: Woke up at 0545 am, went to walk in the field. Clocked 5.12 km in about 40 mins. Legs are paining but will be used to it if i can do it regularly. Goal : 5 km in 30 mins.

21 May 2017 0015 hours: Gone to play badminton with the sore legs after the jog today morning. Weight : 84 kg today from 87.5 kg in last few days.

Planning on buying the bus tickets in HPTDC on 5th and 13th Aug from Delhi to Manali and Back. Booked!! HPTDC ; 05 Aug and 13 Aug 2017 Rs.2870.

24 May 2017 1020 am: Today morning finished 5 km in 34 mins.Air tickets for Hyd-Delhi-Hyd for Rs.5738 Booked!

28 June 2017 1100 am

Back from Kolkata trip on 26th and have to start preparations in full-swing

  1. Take out the NIKON DSLR D3300.
  2.  Memory Card – 2 Nos.
  3. Charge Battery
  4. Check Youtube for DSLR tutorials refresh
  5. Try Time-Lapse Video in DSLR
  6. Make a Plan for Running/Gymming/Exercise/Meditation.
  7. Check in Amazon for Portable TRIPOD (Both for iPhone and DSLR)
  8. Check online for Extra Memory card. (32 GB x 2 Nos.)
  9. Check online for Trekking Backpack.
  10. Check online for Trekking Shoes.
  11. Backpack (At least 60 L)
  12. Trekking Shoes ( recommended : Forclaz 500 High)

With all the preparations going on, the twist in the tale happened. Met with a severe ankle twist on 01st July 2017 while playing badminton around 2015 hours. All the plans are now in topsy-turvy!

04 July 2017 0900 hours

Sunday went to Owaisi Hospital, got X-Ray done, doctor told maybe sprain//slight ligament problem. Got creped and medicines and pain killer. Yesterday, got plaster done and the doctor suggested 2-3 weeks complete rest.

05 July 2017 Wednesday 1420 hours : Just finished watching ‘Poorna’- Story of a 14 yr old girl climbing Mt. Everest..feeling inspired. Enjoying the bed rest with books,movies and good food. Concerned if I could get fit before the trek.

06 July 2017 Thursday 1300 hours : Exactly a month to go for the trek and I am all plastered up.

09 July 2017 Sunday 1645 hours: Made breakfast in the morning, brown bread, eggs and salads. Had around 11 in the morning. Had a late lunch around 4 pm.Thinking how to get back to fitness in this plastered condition. Atleast can’t think of opening the plaster till 17 July 2017 (minimum 2 weeks).

Was in heavy pain yesterday as the plaster felt loose due to excessive movement the day before.Relative came and I went to airport with driver and some movement happened. While sleeping last night, put the crepe bandage on over the loose plaster and felt  better today morning.

14 July 2017 Friday 1320 hours: Received the FITBIT SURGE from Amazon, pretty excited… Now will be doing the setup. Been seeing FITBIT Surge video for last 2 days and was waiting for it. Booked this on 10th July just before 0000 hours in amazon. Got few books as well .

2000 hours : First real effort in exercising since the injury. Did some weight training using the 2 kg each dumbells , with the new FITBIT Surge and the App. Its very interactive and the sync is happening smoothly. There is also Music Control. Could burn 200 calories in 3 sets and was doing the Heart Rate Monitoring.

Calculations to remember:

  • Max BPM:   220-32 = 188
  • Peak : .85 * 188 = 160
  • Cardio : .70 / .84 * 188 = 132 / 158
  • Fat Burning : .50 / .69 * 188 = 94 / 130

17 July 2017 Monday 1700 hours

Went to doctor today in the morning (0830-0900) and got another 5 days extension as I am still feeling the pain. He has asked to come again on Saturday 22nd to get Fitness certificate.

Planning to go to Owaisi coming Thurs/Fri to open the plaster. Hope things go on smoothly.

I am still hopeful about the trek and want to meet the fitness goals badly.

To be continued…




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