15 Ph.D. Essential Pointers!

This is my list of essential PhD pointers to go through the journey while pursuing PhD, irrespective of the field.

  1. Do something NEW.
  2. Make a Plan ; To-Do List.
  3. 3-4 years of dedicated Research.
  4. Make year-to-year plan; Break it up in monthly/yearly plan.
  5. Celebrate your success in between; Intermediate goals.
  6. Keep your supervisor updated..keep him posted.
  7. High Impact Journals.
  8. Be meticulous, diligent and honest to yourself.
  9. Listen to the feedbacks you receive.
  10. Document your work.
  11. Publish 4-5 journal papers; or Write a Book.
  12. Go to Conferences.
  13. Be visible; Don’t be backstage and don’t shy away.
  14. Have Fun at your research.
  15. Read Journals.

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