Website Renewal Tips from Second Year Onwards

Though the first year website launch and hosting could be a cheap deal with various companies offering alluring deals but from the second year onwards it could be a tricky affair.
It could well increase about 5-10 times based on requirements for keeping the domain and as well as hosting the site.
So here is a tip which could be a economical and viable option for many beginners as well as advance users. For example, Hosting through WordPress Managed site through Godaddy is much higher from second year onwards, as high as Rs.5500+ Per year from second year onwards.

n economical and viable solution is to keep the domain with Godaddy, which would charge Rs.799 + Taxes per year (.com sites) and the hosting could be kept in Hostripples. Recently came across this site and following their global reviews and it had mostly been very positive.  Hostripples charges just Rs.35 per month for a 3 year plan with additional promo codes. The charges increases to Rs.60 per month for 1 year renewal plans. They provide an additional free addon of SSL secured certificates at no additional costs. Comparing the same with Godaddy, the additional SSL certificates charges are more than Rs. 3000 for one year. 
In my own initial usage, things are looking great with no such observation of any lag in web page opening and if this performance is consistent, it could be a great options for the website building folks who are in beginner to intermediate levels who are looking for economical ways of maintaining their websites. 

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